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Gimbernat Estudio Jurídico launches in Madrid

Lawyer Eva Gimbernat opens her own practice, focused on Criminal Law, for which she will be the managing partner
Lawyer Eva Gimbernat opens her own practice, focused on Criminal Law, for which she will be the managing partner

Gimbernat Estudio Jurídico, a law firm headquartered in Madrid, has as its hallmark the academic links of all its members and their profound knowledge of Criminal Law. Both aspects end in a committed way of conceiving Law practice, which dedicates its efforts to the development of the Criminal discipline through extensive experience before national and foreign courts.

Eva Gimbernat Díaz (pictured), a lawyer with a consolidated and successful professional career of more than 14 years in defence of Criminal proceedings, heads the law firm, guaranteeing the proximity, personalised treatment, involvement and thoroughness that she dedicates to each case.

Gimbernat E.J.’s team includes Enrique Gimbernat Ordeig, a prestigious Criminal Law professor emeritus of at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and associate Elena Gutiérrez Pérez, who teaches Criminal Law at the University of Alicante and is an academic consultant specialising in Economic Criminal Law.

The law firm issues legal opinions on Criminal Law, International Criminal Law and Criminal Litigation Law. It provides Criminal defence and Prosecution services for all types of offences in proceedings before Examining Courts, Criminal Courts, Provincial Courts, High Courts of Justice, the National High Court, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.

Gimbernat graduated in Law (2006) from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, completing his studies at the University of Bologna (Italy). During her undergraduate studies, she was awarded a scholarship for being among the 500 best academic records of the Madrid University. She has international experience from her time at the Center for Justice and Accountability (CJA) in San Francisco (USA). She also worked for a year at this renowned institution in International Criminal Law and Human Rights. In 2019, she completed a research stay at the prestigious Max Planck Institute for International and Foreign Criminal Law in Freiburg (Germany).